Eclipse® 322 Frequently Asked Questions

Operation - All Models

Does the electric system have enough power to do the job?
The Eclipse 322 has been designed to handle all the jobs of today’s greens mowers.
Will it be hard to train operators on proper usage?
Your operators will find the Eclipse 322 easier to operate and more comfortable than current greens mowers.
Where would I use the individual reel control feature?
One use is to vary cleanup passes to minimize wear patterns. For example, performing a clockwise cleanup with only the right front reel will place the left and rear wheels off of the greens surface. A second example is mowing with only the front two reels, leaving rear reel off, which will produce a walk mowed striping pattern.
I like being able to set things like frequency of clip (FOC), but can’t my operators change it?
No, all programming functions are pass code protected.
What is frequency of clip (FOC) anyway?
Frequency of clip is simply the distance the machine travels in the time it takes for successive reel blades to pass the bedknife. For example, an FOC of .120” means that the mower traveled .120” between cuts.
Where is the parking brake?
The parking brake is automatically applied and released without input from the operator.
Can I use my current Jacobsen cutting units on the Eclipse 322?
Yes. Conversion kits are available to mount existing Jacobsen cutting units onto the Eclipse 322. Additionally, most components such as reels, rollers, bedknives and bearings are the same as current Jacobsen cutting units.

Hybrid Specific

How much less fuel does an Eclipse hybrid use?
Fuel consumption is reduced by up to 39% compared to a similarly powered traditional hydraulic greens mower. By combining the resultant fuel savings with the lower maintenance of a hydraulic free machine, operating costs are up to 41% less. Visit and use the online cost calculator to determine your savings potential.
What makes hybrid-powered Eclipse mowers more fuel efficient than traditional greens mowers?
The Eclipse 322 has been designed with advanced electrical systems and controls that are far more efficient than the hydraulic systems they replaced.
Can the hybrid models run on battery power alone?
No, the batteries on the hybrid models do not have enough capacity to supply full power. However, operators can select a whisper mode that allows the unit to transport at engine idle for reduced noise levels.
What maintenance is required on the hybrid system?
Only the engine requires normal service such as oil and filter changes.

Battery Specific

Is a battery-powered version less expensive to operate?
Total operating cost of a battery-powered Eclipse 322 is up to 86% less than a traditional hydraulically powered riding greens mower. Visit and use the online cost calculator to determine your savings potential.
How long does the battery last?
Run time will vary based on the cutting load, topography and condition of the batteries. The Eclipse 322 has been designed to cut 19-21 holes (approximately 3 3/4 hours) on a single charge or 10-12 when grooming with roller brushes. Batteries will last between 750 and 1000 full charge/discharge cycles before a reduction in run time is noticed.
Do I need a special set up in my shop for charging an electric version?
At a minimum, a 120V 15A outlet is required for the charge connector.
What is the recharge time for the battery model?
Recharge can take up to 5 hours.
What happens if the battery runs flat?
On battery models, there are progressive warnings as the battery level gets low. First the LCD display will flash as battery voltage begins to get low. As the voltage continues to drop, the reel will turn off and rise to the transport position. This occurs at a discharge level that is still safe for the battery, thus preventing battery damage from over discharge. At this point traction will continue to function at a reduced speed in order to transport back to the charging station.


What special training do my technicians need?
Most technicians will not need any additional training and will in fact find the Eclipse 322 easier to service than traditional hydraulic mowers. Jacobsen offers excellent training programs and service manuals for all of our products.
How hard is it to troubleshoot when something goes wrong?
The Eclipse 322 has thorough on-board diagnostics with an easy to read LCD display. Most problems can be easily identified with this system and the available service manual provides step-by-step details on repair.
Can I backlap with the center reel swung out?
Yes, swinging the center reel out allows better access for all reel service including backlapping.
What about replacement costs?
Although some components such as the reel motors are more costly than their hydraulic counterparts, the Eclipse 322 has significantly fewer wear parts than traditional mowers. The result is a unit that is much less expensive to maintain over time.
Since the Eclipse 322 has an automatic parking brake, will I be able to tow it if it loses power?
Yes, the parking brake can be manually released for towing by simply tightening two screws.


How reliable or proven is this technology?
Jacobsen has a 70-year history of electric mowers. More recently we have been in production of the E-Plex greens mower since 1995, the E-Walk since 2002 and the Eclipse® line since 2007. Technology has improved dramatically over the years and the new Eclipse 322 takes advantage of the cutting edge performance and reliability available today from our suppliers who also serve the automotive and marine industries.
I’ve heard that water and electronics don’t mix; is that true?
Water is the leading cause of electronic failures. The Eclipse 322 has been designed with this in mind and you will find it to be very durable in normal operation. However, it is recommended to use common sense when cleaning and avoid pressure washers and high-volume, high-pressure hoses. As with all Jacobsen mowers, we recommend using compressed air as much as possible and low-volume, low-pressure water only around the cutting units.


How come you are calling this an industry first; hasn’t John Deere already built a hybrid greens mower?
The Eclipse 322 is a true hybrid riding greens mower that eliminates all hydraulic systems while keeping the convenience of a gas or diesel engine. By contrast the 2500E is a traditional hydraulic mower with the exception of electrically driven reel motors.